Rotary shaft seals

Rotary shaft seals DIN 3760 in NBR and VITON, V-ring,etc.

Rotary shaft seals for grease and oil according to DIN 3760.

  • A-Type: Standard
  • AS-Type: With protective lip.
  • B-Type: Metallic
  • BS-Type: Metallic with protective lip.
  • C-Type: Completely covered metal case.
  • CS-Type: Completely covered metal case with a protective lip.
  • CC-Type: Cover seal.

Elastomer materials NBR and FKM (for high temperatures).
Stainless springs available on request.

THN can manufacture a shaft seal with dimensions you need in a record delivery time.Outside diameters from 75mm up to more than 1.000mm.
We manufacture your shaft seal fitting the lip of NBR, FKM,PTFE in steel or stainless steel in less than 10 days and from 1 only piece.
Contact our commercial department for your requirements.


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