Autolubricated sliding

Autolubricated and prelubricated sliding bearings, stainless iron, brass, bi-metalic.


The SF-1 trademark identifies a whole range of self-lubricated dry sliding bearings. A composite structure, SF-1 consists of a carbon steel backing, an intermediate layer of sintered bronze and a PTFE and lead sliding lining.

The main items in the SF-1 range are the wrapped cylindrical bushes (DIN 1494) and the flanged cylindrical bushes. Moreover, the range also includes thrust washers, strips and special parts made to customer specifications.

From a technical point of view, the product is already widely known and new applications are constantly being identified to take advantage of the high load capacity, the self-lubricated feature and the excellent ratio between cost and performance of the whole range.

SF-1 contains a certain quantity of lead which, owing to wear during operation, is gradually released and may mix with the products being manufactured. The quantity of lead released is minimal and does not normally exceed a few parts per million (ppm).

Despite this, some applications in the food an pharmaceutical industries will not tolerate a minimum risk of lead contamination and for these applications, we can provide our costumers SF-1 lead-free version of the product. The whole SF-1 range can be supplied in the lead-free version; however, owing to the absence of lead, the average operating life of the lead-free version is about 10-20% lower than the standard SF-1 product.


SF-1 has limited resistance to corrosion due to the carbon steel backing. This limitation is overcome with the sliding bearings in the SF-1B range. The composite structure of the product remains the same with the exception of the carbon steel backing which is replaced by bronze (CuSn8). The whole SF-1 range is also available in the SF-1B version.


The SF-1 INOX self-lubricated sliding bearings have been developed to provide various sectors with bearings combining an excellent load capacity with maximum resistance to corrosion. Consequently, the SF-1 INOX range of bearings is characterised by the loaded PTFE sliding lining which is applied, by means of a special treatment, directly onto the stainless steel AISI 316 support. Produced in this way, the range is suitable for static and semi-static applications and is extremely resistant to chemical attack from acids, alkalies and oxidants. SF-1 INOX is ideal for use in sealed equipment such as valves and in-line meters that are difficult to dismantle for maintenance purposes.


The SF-2 trademark denotes a range of sliding bearings produced from a material with a composite structure. The backing consists of carbon steel onto which a porous layer of bronze is sintered and then impregnated with a co-acetal plastic. The polymeric surface has indentations in which the lubricating grease is collected and gradually released in order to reduce friction and to protect the mating surface.The main products in the SF-2 range are the cylindrical bushes (DIN 1494), but thrust washers and strips are also available as well as especial parts made to customers specifications.


The bearings in the FB-090 range are made of brass which, like bronze, is suitable for lubricated sliding surfaces. The sliding surface of the FB-090 bearing is machined to provide indentations in which the lubricant is collected initially and then gradually released during operation. The lubricant can be oil or grease according to the type of application. The FB-090 range consists of cylindrical and flanged bushes, thrust washers, made-to-measure strips and special parts made to customer specifications.


La marca JF-800 representa una gama completa de casquillos bimetálicos de deslizamiento de acero al carbono con una capa de deslizamiento de bronce sinterizado.
En todas las lineas el JF-800 está disponible en casquillos cilíndricos y con valona, arandelas de fricción y piezas especiales.

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